About KlickWrench

- Zero Compromise -

We make cutting-edge tools.

Klick Wrench started out with an idea to develop the best oil filter wrench that is uncompromised, best-in-class, and does the job with advanced technological implementation behind it. The feature that makes this tool stand out is the integrated torque limiting mechanism. The intent of developing this product was to build something that is strong, durable, and at the same time ideal for use even by a non-professional making it viable for day-to-day use. The products are coded with color size designation making it identifiable.

The Idea

The Klick Wrench journey thus far has been deeply personal. The genesis of our manufacturing solution emerged from a real-world predicament I personally encountered. Changing oil can prove to be quite the daunting task, particularly for those grappling with it for the first time. Being a seasoned gearhead It was during one such instance that I recognized this challenge. Despite the abundance of tools available on the market, none seemed to align with my requirements; most of the oil filter tools seemed flimsy and inaccurate. In response, we undertook the development of a versatile tool designed to transform the oil-changing process into a seamless endeavor. Our tools cater to many sizes and types of oil filters, aimed at making the task a breeze, taking the guesswork out of applying the correct torque. Additionally, we placed a strong emphasis on sustainability, envisioning a product that could serve its purpose for a lifetime.


Our technology takes oil filter tools to the next level,
never over tighten your filter again.
Our precise multi-flute cup geometry machined
from 6061-T6 aluminum assures maximum grip,
color-coded sizes for quick reference and selection.

Shattering boundaries that's how we roll!

We are continuously pushing the envelope to develop the most advanced, robust, and highest quality product. While the utility is the most prominent reason, here are some more perks of opting for the Klick Wrench tool:

  • Affordability: It doesn’t get better than this. It is like a meager investment you make for extending the lifetime of your vehicle. 
  • Faster Install: You do not have to rack your mind in choosing a suitable tool for oil changing. It’s a single tool that would suffice all your needs in minimum time.
  • Zero-Maintenance: The tool is easy equipment that requires absolutely no maintenance or re-working. You can keep using it for many years to come.

Who we are

We are passionate about cars and making things better. 50% Problem Solvers, 25% Geeks, 25% Business Professionals, 100% Perfectionists

How it started

We were tired of using flimsy oil filter tools that don’t function, decided to make a proper tool for the job.

Why choose us

Because we manufacture the most uncompromised, advanced and highest quality oil filter tools on the market.

How it works

Our patented  technology combines a highly compact industry first torque limiting mechanism with a multi flute geometry oil filter cup or socket.