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Why is it Important to Change your Oil and Filter regularly?

Your car is a tool that makes your daily tasks easier, it can take you great distance and provide exhilaration; there are many problems that you might think of at length if it breaks down. The maintenance costs, diagnostics, and repairs are all, every car owner’s nightmare. Just like any machinery, if you carry out regular servicing you will extend the longevity of your car. This article will take you right from the basics to why your oil filter needs to be replaced on a regularly scheduled basis.

Get to know your Car’s Engine!

The engine in your car is synonymous with the human heart; you must be mindful of its needs and maintenance requirements, if the engine warning light turns ON, you must pay attention. Even more important and the most common practice in maintaining your vehicle is replacing your oil and filter on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, not all vehicles have a dash indicator or a visual examination that can indicate the exact time when your oil and filter must be changed. Early-model cars usually have shorter change intervals as they typically utilize conventional oil. Understand that every vehicle is different and you must follow the owner’s manual and abide by the requirements of your engine.

What does the Oil Filter do?

The engine oil lubricates the internal components inside your engine and helps dissipate heat generated from friction and combustion; it collects the metal particles and carbon produced by the combustion process. The oil filter is solely responsible for preventing this contaminated oil from passing through the engine components unfiltered, contaminated oil will drastically increase wear in the engine; A well-lubricated engine will perform with better performance and efficiency.

As your engine is subjected to extreme temperatures, it is necessary that a continuous supply of clean oil is presented to reduce friction and provides sufficient oil pressure to critical components such as bearings and pistons.

Regular oil filter changes also have a direct impact on increasing fuel efficiency (MPG). This means you are ultimately saving money by burning less fuel.

When your engine is correctly maintained, it produces fewer exhaust emissions; as it is known that these carbon emissions are harmful to the environment, with regular maintenance you are contributing towards a better environment.

Is it possible to Change the Oil Filter at home?

Often people ignore bringing their car to the repair shop or garage for an oil and filter change because either they feel it is a trivial task that can be pushed for later or it is time-consuming. You must have definitely wondered how to change the Oil Filter at home?

If you are willing to take on the task the good news is that there definitely is an option to change it by yourself at home. It not as difficult as you may think, gathering all the right tools can be challenging. But, with products like Klick Wrench cup and socket, changing oil filters is a breeze.

Why Opt for Klickwrench Products?

The reason for choosing Klickwrench products is that one tool that will fit many sizes. It has been manufactured using the CNC machine ensuring precision. It is developed with a torque limiting mechanism that takes away the guess-work from tightening the filter. You can simply change your oil filters at home or professionally just by choosing a suitable wrench cup or wrench socket as per your vehicle’s specifications.

It is a one-time investment in a superior quality tool as it is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and hard anodized for better strength and durability.

So, the next time you think of changing your oil filters, there is no need to procrastinate. Simply get hold of your Klickwrench tool and get going.

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