how to change an oil filter

How to Change an Oil Filter at Home?

It may come as a surprise for some, and a relief for many that you can easily avoid the visit to the garage or shelling out money to a professional to simply change your car’s oil filters. All you need is the right tools, your owner’s manual, locate the oil filter and oil drain plug. To save you the hassle of handling complicated tools, you can seek relief from the Klickwrench’s products that are scientifically designed with a torque limiting mechanism making your job super easy.

Why should I change my Car’s Oil filter at home?

First of all, changing oil and oil filters is extremely important for your car maintenance. It can extend you car’s longevity by many many miles. You must consider changing it at home because it will save you both time and money.

Changing oil and oil filters is no rocket science. It is only a matter of minutes if you have the right tools and learn it after doing it once or twice. Moreover, you will earn a healthy car engine by not procrastinating the much deserved regular oil change of your car. Also, you can be sure that the good quality of oil filter and engine oil has been used in the replacement as you can decide how much you want to invest in it.

Steps to Change Oil and Oil Filter:

Here are some quick steps along with tips that you can follow to save money and remove the oil filter without any damage.

It would be handy for you to gather these tools before you headstart to changing

  • Your smart oil filter wrench tool
  • Owner’s manual 
  • Oil drain pan
  • Clean rags
  • Gloves
  • Funnel
  • Oil to be replaced
  • Safety glasses

You may also consider buying chucks and hand gloves from your nearest auto parts store in case you are moving your car on a ramp to drain the oil.

Step 1:

It is much easier to drain warm oil as compared to cold. So, you may start your engine for a minute or two to make the process easy. Be cautious that you don’t prolong this step as it may heat the engine oil and the parts too much, making it impossible for you to continue the work without harming yourself.

Step 2:

Refer to the manual and locate your oil drain plug. Hold the oil drain pan beneath and unscrew the plug with a socket wrench. Ensure that the oil pan does not spill the drained motor oil and that the oil is not too hot.

An easy trick is to search for the filler cap removing which will allow air to support the draining of the engine oil. 

Step 3:

Once the draining is complete, you can consider replacing the old plug if specified in your manual or just secure the plug in hand with a socket wrench. Using the Klick wrench tool will ensure that you do not over-tighten the drain plug gasket.

Step 4:

You can now move to change the oil filter. You must be careful about the hot residue oil that might still be present in the oil filter.  Use the Klick wrench cup to safely remove it. Use the clean rags to wipe out any oil spills or drains. 

Step 5:

You can now grab the new oil filter and lubricate the rubber seal with a small amount of oil before you put it back easily with the help of the Klick wrench cup. Now, you do not have to worry at all about leaving it loose or over-tightening it as your smart tool is designed to take care of it.

Step 6:

Now use a funnel to pour in new oil as per the requirements of your vehicle. You can consult your owner of a car shop/car dealer or read online the specifications if your manual is missing. Try pouring in little amounts so that you do not spill it by overpouring. Do not forget to put back the cap. Always check the oil level before you wind up the entire oil filter changing process.

Besides this, always remember to invest in god quality engine oil and oil filters that matches the specifications of your cars exactly. You might end up causing bigger damage if you overlook it. And, most importantly, When you remove the drained oil and old oil filter, be careful you discard it the right way. It can be very harmful to the environment if mixed with the regular trash.

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