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How to Remove a Stuck Oil Filter from Engine | Best & Easy Tips

Replacing oil filter is a crucial part of your car engine maintenance. Just like there are endless reasons why you should regularly change your engine oil, changing the oil filter is equally important. Most people procrastinate this task as it requires making a visit to the garage as they don’t have the removal tools or fear that they will destroy the filter due to inexperience.

Oil Filter removal can be a tough task. But, what’s even worse is to remove a stuck oil filter from the engine. In this blog, we will walk you through everything you need to know about when your oil filter is stuck.

Reasons that my Oil Filter is Stuck:

Enlisted here are the major possibilities why your oil filter is stuck and you are facing difficulty in removing it.

Over-tightening of the oil filter:

This is a very common occurrence in most removal of stuck oil-filters. The person who has previously replaced the filter has applied more force than necessary and now it is stuck. It isn’t a sin as even the most efficient mechanics are guilty of this mistake. But, always remember, Don’t over-tighten your engine oil filter. You can make use of the best oil filter wrench cup & socket that has an in-built torque limiting mechanism by Klickwrench that will completely rule out any such situation to occur.

Insufficient Lubrication for Rubber Seal:

It is advised and a good practice that most experts would vouch by, to always lubricate the rubber seal before mounting a new oil filter. This aids in a better seal between the housing & the filter. Moreover, there is rarely an occurrence when you will be in a state to remove a stuck oil filter.

Extreme Weather:

Due to the extreme cold, it is observed that most people face difficulty in changing oil filters. In such conditions, there is not much you can do except ensure that you park your vehicles in a garage that offers sufficient protection from snow and heat. 

Deformation of the oil filter:

Most vehicle owners do not realize the importance of changing oil filters. They assume that changing engine oil is a good way to avoid the expense and keep your car moving. But, that is certainly not the case. Overusing an oil filter or making use of wrong tools, like band wrenches, improper sized oil sockets & wrenches can lead to its deformation. This, in turn, will pose difficulty in at the time of the next oil filter removal.

What is the Solution?

There are many things you can do to avoid getting your filter stuck. Enlisted here are a few.

  • Make use of the right tools. Eg. Klickwrench’s wrench cup of the appropriate size.
  • Lubricate the rubber seal before placing the oil filter.
  • Wipe out the excess or residue oil stuck around the housing.
  • Start your car for a minute or two which will heat up the engine mildly that makes oil removal easy.
  • Prevent the risk of crushing, twisting, turning, and deforming the mounted oil filter.

Tips to Remove a Stuck Oil Filter:

The first step is to figure out the cause. Most of the time, the oil filter is jammed and gets stuck on the compressed gasket between the filter and the block. So, if there is any action you take in haste, you shall be further worsening the situation that can be rectified.

You can explore the following options for removing the stubborn oil filter:

  • The first step should be to make use of specialized tools that are dedicatedly manufactured for changing oil filters like a wrench cup and wrench socket. This will easily help you.
  • Use sandpaper to get a grip on the oil filter and turn your hand in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Very often the parts around the oil filter are extremely greasy and it becomes difficult to get a grip using any tools or even manually. In this case, first, take a rag cloth and wipe away all the dirt and grease surrounding the oil filter. This will offer better visibility to the problem as well as grip.
  • If this does not work, try to unscrew it with your hand. Preferably let a stronger person do it. Be careful of not damaging it further or leading to oil spillage.

Precautions to avoid getting your Car Filter Stuck

One must always follow the instructions specified in the owner’s manual. Use the correctly sized tools and oil filter during any replacement. 

As any directions for oil filter change specify, you must lubricate the O-ring gasket with oil and spin it up to the base then just apply an additional quarter turn. This mostly ensures that you do not over-tighten the parts.

In conclusion, be patient with handling the situation and avoid using screwdrivers, hammers, and chisels as you would end up severely damaging the parts of your engine and incur a huge expense at the car garage.

Invest in quality tools like those at Klickwrench as changing and removal of an oil filter isn’t rocket science and can be a breeze when done correctly.

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