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Best ways on How to Use Oil Filter Wrench

Changing engine oil and oil filter is a common chore that most car owners know to accomplish very easily at home. While some prefer to leave it to the professionals dreading the stories they have heard or the experiences in the past dealing with all the oil filter removal tools. 

But, is it really that tough a task. Well, the answer is clearly a “NO”. With the best oil filter tools and following a step-wise method, almost anyone can replace the oil filter and change the engine oil.

There is a lot of information available online about the type of oil filter wrenches you must choose, the method you must follow, etc. The information is often overwhelming. The best option to follow is to first get hold of the most suitable tools which are in accordance with the specifications of your car. You can make use of the car owner’s manual to remove any ambiguity or doubts regarding the filter size, adjustability of oil filters, etc. Thereafter, choose one method you feel is most appropriate and stick to it.

Most people fail to understand that the situation that their oil filter gets stuck or damaged is because they overlap and combine various methods or types of wrenches in the process. One needs to be patient and devote time if you are a beginner. You will slowly get very good at the job.

Know the Suitable Style of Oil Filter Wrench 

When you visit an auto parts store, you will be presented with a display of a wide range of different style wrenches. This can leave you confused and some may even give up at this point. But, once you know how the various styles of wrenches work and which type is suitable to fit into the tight spaces of your car, all of it will be a breeze.

Enlisted here are some of the best oil filter wrenches along with its features that will assist you in making the right decision.

Oil Filter Wrench Cup (Cap Wrench)

This is the most ideal type of oil filter wrench. It ensures that you do not overtighten or leave a loosened oil filter behind. The peculiarity of this type of wrenches is that it fits perfectly with the cap of the oil filter. It does not slip on the greasy surface and offers a sturdy grip which helps to change the oil filter with limited efforts. 

Additionally, if you buy the Klickwrench cup, you can ease out your efforts even further as this is the best oil filter wrench in the market and it has the best pricing which will make your job easier and is worth every penny you spend on it. It has a hard anodized body and made from billet aircraft grade aluminum. The thing that makes it stand out is the amazing in-built torque limiting mechanism

Strap / Band Wrench

Strap wrenches are used in cases when the size of the oil filters is not fixed. They are generally used in garages as they have to deal with multiple types of vehicles in a day and cannot keep on changing tools continuously. Moreover, they are professionals, and the chances that they would slip the grip and get injured are slim. They have a rubber strap to secure the grip and are called universal wrench as they can fir almost any oil filter cap. 

Chain Wrenches

Functionally chain wrenches are quite similar to the strap wrenches. But, only the trained and experienced must opt for this as it can get slightly working with metal on metal. Many people would tell you how they chipped off the metal or de-shaped their oil filter while working with chain wrenches. The only positive take of these wrenches is that they help you to access the hard-to-reach areas as the chain does not have a fixed shape.

Socket Wrenches

A little clearance around the oil filter allows you to make use of this one of the best oil filter wrenches. Its oil filter casing has socket-shaped cups and requires a ratchet that helps to tighten or unscrew the oil filter. All you need is to find a suitably sized socket wrench and you are good to go.

Jaw-style wrenches

This type of wrench tool has 3 adjustable legs that can be clamped to the oil filter cap and you need to use a ratchet to tighten or loosen it. They are also known as spider wrenches due to the shape. Nowadays there are many variations available to make it easier to change oil filters at home. Just look for one that fits the exact size of your car.

Oil Filter Pliers

This is a very good pick for cartridge-style filters. They have dual handles in a circular grip. One is generally longer than the other. Many types of oil filter pliers are available in the market. Most of them can be used in combination with other types of wrenches. These are also the type of wrenches that should be preferably left for the professionals as there are chances of you slipping your hand while applying force.


you need to focus on which is the best type of filter wrench that is suitable for your car. Do not be lured by attractively showcased tools. Also, it takes the first few times before you gain enough confidence to change it in a matter of minutes. Also, look at this as a good investment for your car maintenance and buy high-quality oil filters, wrenches, and engine oil.

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