Klick Wrench Cup 64mm Purple 25Nm Heavy Duty


Fits 64mm 14 flute flute oil filters and housings, specifically designed for all Toyota cartridge style filters.

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SKU: 6464251HD2S Category: GTIN: 628176413129

The Klick Wrench cup medium is the most advanced, versatile, and robust oil filter cup tool available online. It is built with advanced technology to impart the necessary torque with no guessing, It makes changing oil-filters an easy task.

Product Attributes:

  • Patented, integrated 25Nm or 18.44Ft-Lb torque limiting mechanism 
  • Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Hard anodized for increased hardness.
  • Designated Red color-code for identification and aesthetics.

Compatible for:

  • 64mm 14 canister or cartridge style filters
  • Specifically Designed for Toyota style filter housings.

If you are unsure of the size, please verify fitment at www.klickwrench.com prior to purchase.


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