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Things Needed for Car’s Engine Oil Change

For a car to be offering great mileage and keep running like brand new for years together, it is necessary that you always upkeep its maintenance. Making car maintenance a priority is a great practice and works in favor of the car owner as it saves money significantly and you shall never find yourself stranded on the road when your car breaks down.

The primary step you can take is to regularly change the engine oil in your car and replace the oil filter from time to time. You can either do this with a quick DIY at home which will be a cakewalk after 1-2 times or optionally visit your local garage guy who can complete the task in a matter of minutes.

If you are looking to change the engine oil and oil filter all by yourself, here are a few tips, tricks, and essentials that you must know about. This will keep you prepped up to complete the job successfully.

Everything to know about Engine Oil Changing:


New Engine Oil & Oil Filter

You must invest in a good lead-free engine oil suitable for your car’s engine. The quality of motor oil that you use for replacement is a great factor in the wellbeing of your car. Think of it in a way that it is food for your car. The main goal of lubricating the parts of the engine and removing all the dirt and toxins due to combustion should be supported well by the type of oil you choose.

Also, read the owner’s manual carefully to know about the specifications of your oil filter. A wrong choice of the filter can put all your efforts in vain. Consult your owner at any auto parts store who would be happy to guide you about the oil filter to choose from. Once you understand the basics, it will be an easy choice.

Filter wrench cup & socket

Many people would head for oil changing with big toolboxes with all the spanners, band wrenches, etc. But, in reality, all that is not required. You can simply buy a wrench cup that is manufactured with precision from the Klickwrench online store. It has a torque-limiting mechanism that mitigates the biggest problem of overtightening or leaving the oil filter loose. The cup saves you from investing money in multiple tools. 

Drain Pan/Bucket

A very important component of Oil changing supplies is the drain pan or bucket that is used to collect the old oil when you are draining the oil for replacement. It needs to be of the appropriate size so it does not overflow midway during the draining process. It should be flexible to be squeezed beneath the plug and also contain the amount of oil draining.

Rags of cloth

It goes unsaid that oil changing is a really messy process. You get good at it with time and eventually, you do not fear oil-spillage. The stains of grease and oil are extremely difficult to remove. So, it’s always a good practice to keep rags handy to wipe the grease off the all the little spills and drains.


Using a funnel to add new oil is the best way to do it. It will prevent any spillage and get the task done perfectly. 

Important Tips:

  • Check the oil level regularly and especially before you are about to change the engine oil
  • Start the engine for a couple of minutes so that the oil is mildly heated and flows easily. This will ensure that it drains completely when you want to remove the oil.
  • Make use of floor jacks or jack stands to provide a certain level of slope that eases the oil draining process further. Ensure that all the oil is drained completely.
  • Before placing the new oil filter, lubricate it slightly in the inner rim for smooth placement. This also helps at the time of the next replacement. Don’t over-apply the oil.
  • Always keep a check on the number of miles you have driven before changing the oil filter. Refer to the car owner’s manual for the same. You have to balance between the miles run and the time frame after the last replacement.
  • When you remove the filter and old oil, be very careful about how you discard and dispose them and the rags. They can be very harmful to the environment and are subjected to combustion. So, act responsibly.
  • Always wipe off all the surfaces after you are done with the replacement before you close the hood.
  • Be gentle with the equipment. With the right tools like the Klickwrench cup, you do not need additional muscle power to be exercised on them.

In Conclusion:

Oil changing is a very important activity when it comes to looking after your car. You can set reminders and keep a watch on the miles run and engine light to schedule your next oil change. Do not procrastinate the simple process and enjoy a smooth drive for a really long time. Invest in quality tools that would save your time, energy, and money in the long run.

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