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Things To Consider Before Buying An Oil Filter Wrench

The engine oil runs through various parts of your car engine like blood flowing through the body. It gathers all the dirt, grease, toxic elements, at the same time keeps them well lubricated and reduces friction. If you look after your car’s oil filter and the quality of the engine oil on a periodic basis, your engine is much likely to not wear out sooner.

There is much said, written, and advised about using high-quality engine oils and oil filters. But, another crucial element of this process is the oil filter removal tool that you use. The type of oil filter wrench that is used in replacement can play the make or break situation when you remove the oil filter.

So, here we talk about the various things you need to consider right from the range of oil filters to comfortable grips so that you put your money in buying only the best oil filter wrench.

A Quick Guide to the Best Oil Filter Wrench:

With the right tools in hand, your oil filter changing job can be made like a breeze. So, you need a reliable, cost-effective, and functional oil-filter wrench that can be ensured if you keep the following points in mind.

Filter Size:

Every car owner’s manual has the specifications present which gives you a clear idea about what should the new replacement oil filter’s inches in diameter size should be. This is the most essential aspect as it also helps you to select the most suitable and best oil filter wrench for your vehicle. 

Suitable Type of Oil-filter 

With the growing market and technological advancements, there is almost an inexhaustible list of options that you will find both online and in the auto-parts store that claims to be the best oil filter wrench. 

It is necessary to understand that the basic mechanics remain the same with the few modifications introduced from time to time. Depending on the adjustability of oil filters you can choose from the following:

  • Oil filter wrench cup
  • Oil filter pliers
  • Spider wrench
  • Strap wrenches/band wrenches
  • Socket wrench
  • Cap wrench

Each of these types of wrenches come with their own sets of pros and cons. Like if you are a car owner who has to deal with 1-2 cars, then the wrench cup is the best option for you as it has superiority to grip the filter. If you are dealing with trucks and other heavy machinery plier wrenches work well due to the long handles. If you are a garage owner, it is not possible to invest in one tool for every size of the oil filter and you are in need of a universal oil filter wrench like strap wrenches or bands which require comparatively more efforts and proficiency/experience but are fit for almost any size.


This feature mainly focuses on ease of use. Imagine if your wrench helps the oil filter to easily glide through the filter housing; it will save a lot of time and effort of yours. A best oil filter wrench is one that provides a solid grip and does not slip easily. 

A lot of people struggle with changing oil filters and there will be many who would tell you a horrific story of dealing with a stuck oil filter and severely damaging the parts in the process. But, there is no need to get anxious as all you need is the right set of tools and a little patience initially. 

Choose a wrench that helps you place the new oil filter in the right way without overtightening it in the first place. This will automatically help you when it is the next time for a replacement. For eg. If you use the Klickwrench cup, it has an in-built torque limiting mechanism. So, no matter who is doing the job, the chances that you will screw it tight are null.


Oil filter wrench tools are not the kind of equipment that one uses on a day-to-day basis if it’s for your personal use. That being said, they are important to possess. And, since these wrenches are mostly metal-made, they are most likely to be corroded or damaged even though you haven’t used it for quite some time and they are just sitting in your toolbox. 

So, it is important that you opt for hard anodized and highly durable like Klickwrench offers wrench cups and socket wrenches that are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. Also, they are CNC machined offering much more precision.


This is a very subjective matter. But, always keep in mind that buying a good quality best oil filter wrench that will last long is better than buying twice a year. It is like a one-time investment. One must weigh the pros and cons carefully and do not hesitate to extend your budget a little if you know that the product is good and reliable.

Always research online before you buy the product. If there is an online website, you can always look for the reviews, ratings, and experiences of other customers that will help you choose. Online purchase also gives you a lot of options to explore in terms of size and type. Moreover, you can always reach out to them.

Ultimately one must understand that you don’t necessarily need complex tools to get the job done. In fact, opt for simplicity, and go for tools that are easy to use, fit the right size, and are affordable for long term car maintenance. Keeping all these points in mind you can surely find the best oil filter wrench for your vehicle.

It all comes down to only one thing and that is what are you most comfortable using? 

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