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Top Tools Needed for Engine Oil Change of your Car

Engine oil and oil filter change is a regular and important job of your car maintenance. It removes the toxic contaminants and debris from the oil that is circulated in all the parts of your engine and keeps it well-lubricated to function. We cannot stress enough on the fact of how important this chore is the engine oil change. 

That being said, you also need some engine oil change tools or the oil change tool kit that helps you in getting the job done. In this blog, we enlist the top tools needed for an oil change which are totally worth your investment.

Must-Have Oil Changing Tools in your Garage:

Working with your car and resolving the small repairs needed from time to time is both a cost-effective and fulfilling experience. You also save a lot of time and energy in making the visit to the car repair shop. If you are a novice in dealing with your car, you can start off with something simple as changing your car’s engine/ motor oil and oil filter. These are the tools needed for an oil change:

Owner’s Manual:

Yes, most people would ignore it, lose it, or treat is an unimportant document that comes with your car. But, it is very helpful when you have to locate the parts or check through some specifications like the suitable oil filter size, etc. before you make the visit to the auto-parts store. Most manuals are well-designed and can provide you sufficient information pertaining to engine oil change. 

There is no need to worry if you have lost the manual, you can always look up online for the details or alternatively consult your owner at the auto-spare parts store who can provide you some help.

Floor Jack:

This is a very important equipment when you have to drain the oil. In order to remove the oil in your car, you have to remove the oil drain plug. It might be present at odd places depending on the vehicle. Moreover, you must provide some inclination to your car so that the old oil is drained completely before you replace the oil with a fresh one. 

A great tip for this is to start the engine for a while before you start with the process. By running the engine for a few minutes before you remove the drain plug, the oil is heated and flows in a better way making it is easy to be drained.

Oil Filter Wrenches:

In order to remove the filter, you must unscrew the existing one. There are chances that you might damage the parts as it is not something that can be done with your bare hands. There are many types of oil filter wrenches but the most preferred and suitable ones are the oil filter wrench cups. You can opt for oil filter wrench cups by Klickwrench that have a one-size that fits many functionalities. It has an in-built torque limiting mechanism that solves the biggest issue of over tightening of oil filters. 

Oil Filter Sockets:

A socket wrench is very important to remove the drain plug. Many modern cars today have a protective splash guard present which calls for using the wrench sockets before you reach the drain plug. You can order a wrench socket online from the Klickwrench website. They are specialized products that will get the job done for you for really long life. These are a must-have for all the inaccessible places in your car.

Oil Drain Pan:

It is very important for you to collect the drained oil properly to avoid any spillage. Be careful that the container is sufficiently large to accommodate the drained oil. Changing engine oil can get messy. Also, it is very important that you dispose off the oil well as it is highly flammable and can lead to a serious accident. Keeping the drain pan handy solves most of the problems.

A Funnel:

A piece of very simple and underrated equipment that is a must-have for this job is a funnel. It will help you to transfer the new oil with maximum ease and in a spill-proof manner.

A Few Rags:

As mentioned previously, changing the oil filter and the oil itself can be messy. It’s a good practice to keep a few rags of cloths handy so that you can immediately wipe off any grease, oil, and dirt. The stains of the oil are also not easy to clean and can cause a permanent mark on the floor or clothes that you are wearing. 

New Oil Filter and Engine Oil:

The most obvious yet important thing to be present after much deliberation for the first time id the type and quality of the oil filter and oil that you will be using as a replacement. This is the make-or-break kind of decision. You will definitely get better at this after the first few times and it would not be an issue to even think about it as you would gain practical knowledge about it.

All in all a little DIY for your car’s upkeep can take you a long way in saving money as well as time. Also, it is no rocket science and keeps you in the loop about the “status quo” of your car. Also, it gets fun with time with all the right tools.

So, what are your go-to oil changing tools? Drop a comment below and share your opinion. 

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