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Why Klickwrench Oil Filter Wrench Products Are the Best for You ?

Changing the engine oil and oil filters involves a lot of decision-making for the very first time. But, it is definitely rewarding if you can easily change the oil filters at home. Not only does it save your time, but it also avoids the need for you to make that visit to the garage and saves money.

If you care about your car’s maintenance then maintaining the well-functioning of your car engine must be a priority. The most prominent part of which is the oil filter. When you decide to carry out the oil filter replacement by yourself, one of the top questions that you need to address is choosing the best and most suited oil filter wrench from the wide range of types of oil filter wrenches.

Depending on the size of your oil filter and the car model, you can narrow down the various options. But, the first thing to choose is the type of wrench you would be comfortable in using. The most common types are

  • Oil filter wrench cup
  • Socket wrench
  • Strap wrench
  • Spider wrench
  • Oil filter pliers

There are many other modifications to these basic types of oil filter wrenches. The best ones to choose from each of these are the oil filter wrench cup and the socket wrenches. This is because working on and around an oil filter can be really messy with all the dirt and grease accumulated over time. If you are using strap wrenches of pliers with long handles, it is most likely that you will slip your hand and injure yourself or even damage the parts.

A wrench cup or a socket is great when it comes to acquiring a sturdy grip on the oil filter cap. Moreover, you can find the perfect fit for your particular vehicles depending on the filter sizes.

Modern Problems, Modern Solutions:

The automotive industry has progressed immensely and with newer technologies taking over to make the vehicles better, so is there a change with the manufacturing, assembly, and principally the types of oil filters. With this what has also undergone a change is the procedure to replace and remove the oil filters.

Traditionally, the oil filters used to be the spin-on or the canister types that would have to be removed completely by unscrewing and disposing it off.  However, this is not the case with modern oil filters. Consequently, traditional tools do not work effectively for removal purposes.

In the modern Toyota style cartridge filters, the metal housing is retained and only the pleated element is removed and replaced. Due to the vertical orientation of the housing, it is necessary to drain the old oil before placing the new oil filter. 

The problem with most oil filter wrenches is that they only make use of the hex ring. This is not sufficient to get a good grip. So, we now discuss how Klickwrench tools help overcome many problems.

Why Klickwrench Oil Filter Cups and Sockets are different?

The Klickwrench tools are simple-looking but scientifically manufactured. They are compact, robust, and made with a patented design. Some of the reasons that make them high-quality wrench tools are listed below.

Torque-limiting mechanism:

The quintessential problem that most people dread with replacing oil filters is overtightening it at the time of change or leaving it loose. With the inbuilt mechanism of 25 Nm torque, there is no way that you will damage or get your oil filter stuck with the Klickwrench tools.


Investing in a tool should deliver optimum returns. With the Klickwrench oil filter socket and cup, you can be assisted in both securing the oil filter during its placement as well as in removing it. Such dual functionality is rarely offered by other tools.

CNC Machined:

The Klickwrench tools are manufactured with high-precision. It claimed to be a perfect fit for a certain range of sizes. This means one size fits many. It can be useful for more than just one particular vehicle.


Most wrench cups available today are stamped, forged, or cast in aluminum. They are often so flexible that they de-shape as soon as some extra force is applied to it. With Klickwrench you get the strength imparted by billet machined aircraft-grade aluminum that is utilized in making it. Also, it is a hard-anodized body and case hardened internal components.

Klickwrench Products:

There is a range of concise products that are suitable for many vehicles ranging from cars to tractors, lawnmowers, and other heavy machines as well. Klickwrench oil filter wrench cup and the socket is suitable for many models of Audi, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Acura, AGCO vehicles, etc. 

Oil Filter Wrench Cup:

  • Klick Wrench Cup Medium Red –  Fits 73mm up to 77mm, 14 flute and 15 flute oil filters and housings and Toyota style medium housings.
  • Klick Wrench Cup Small Blue – Fits 64mm up to 68mm, 14 flute oil filters and housings, and Toyota style small housings.

Oil Filter Socket:

  • Klick Wrench Socket 24mm Blue – Fits oil filter housings with 24mm hex 6 point end.
  • Klick Wrench Socket 27mm Yellow – Fits oil filter housings with 27mm hex 6 point end.
  • Klick Wrench Socket 32mm Red – Fits oil filter housings with 32mm hex 6 point end.
  • Klick Wrench Socket 36mm Green – Fits oil filter housings with 36mm hex 6 point end.

In Conclusion:

We hope that each of these products makes your oil filter changing simple and hassle-free. You can simply create an account by signing up for free and order the products as per your need in the required quantities.

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